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Eagle Eye Watches

Circle Light (White & UV Led)

Circle Light (White & UV Led)

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Discover the "Circle Light", specially designed to fit perfectly with our lamp, providing an optimal lighting solution for your observation needs. Equipped with a ball-fixing system, it is easily attached to the lump to ensure perfect maintenance.

The "Circle Light" is equipped with 8 4100K LED white lights, providing bright, uniform lighting, as well as 4 365-370nm ultraviolet lights to test the luminescence of your watches in all circumstances. This versatile lighting allows you to examine the most subtle details, from needles to indexes but also from the glass.

Easy to recharge thanks to its USB-C port (cable included), the "Circle Light" is equipped with a green/red LED indicating the start and end of the charge.

A single button allows you to turn on the lighting and choose between lighting modes (start, white, UV, both and off), but also offers the possibility to adjust the intensity of the LEDs with a prolonged support."

 Our button allows you to turn on the lighting and choose between lighting modes:

1.  By pressing it once, you turn on the classic white LED light.

2. By pressing a second time, you turn on the UV lights.

3. By pressing a third time, you activate both the LED white light and the UV lights.

We would like to emphasize the importance of taking care of your vision when using the "Circle Light". Ultraviolet light can have a negative effect on vision when viewed directly,  Therefore, it is recommended to avoid looking at UV light.

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