About us

We are a Loupe brand who produces high end loupes. The loupe that you find on our web site si the accomplishment of a son for his father. Indeed Eagle Eye Watches is is a family project, sharing a passion between a father and a son.

The first one is a watch collector, the second is an optical physical engineer. The father needed a hight quality loupe, and he figured out that the ones in the market were not what he was looking for.

After long talks we came up to the conclusion that relising a loupe with what the father wanted was completely doable.

           What Criteria ?

  • a full vision on the dial,
  • a high quality magnification,
  • affordable cost production.

The project bases was set, the fundamentals was on the table, now we needed to make it happen. In the first place, we had to use the "magics" of mathematics to physical optics and finally conceptual design.

After that we needed to use modern tools, from 3D drawing to sketching before starting to print in 3D in order view and feel the project.

After the we manage to produce some prototypes, and have them on hand, we asked few friends in different industrial branches to have a look and comment about it. They saw a real potential into it. So we decided to commercialise our loupe.

It in in this perspective, that Eagle Eye Watches offers hight end loupes, adapted for for any type of collectors. We wanted to start with watches, but it can be used for stone collectors, stamps collectors, coins collectors and many others ...